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One vision. Two universes. Infinite possibilities.
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Welcome to the Cosmoverse!

We've been exploring the Cosmoverse for well over three decades and decided it was past time we started sharing our adventures. Get the inside scoop on all things Cosmoverse, including behind the scenes, occasional contests, and news on upcoming projects by joining our QT Games Newsletter!

Arcane Synthesis

Arcane Synthesis: A Blended-Genre Anthology
Edited by: Bob Whitely (2015)
Format: Hardcover; trade paperback, eBook formats

The Shadow Reaper

The Shadow Reaper
By: Bob Whitely
(Just awaiting formatting)
Format: Trade paperback, eBook formats

Fantasy and science fiction go together like chocolate & peanut butter. The Shadow Reaper contains both, & more than a little horror to boot!

Sea of Worms
Book 1 in the Cosmoverse World Tour

By: Bob Whitely
(In final editing stages)
Echoes In The Storm
What's the Cosmoverse?
The Cosmoverse is a place where one, seemingly insignificant person, can change everything—not merely in one city or on one world, but perhaps even across the dimensions. The Cosmoverse is the backdrop for most of our stories, roleplaying, board and card games.
The God Ship
Be sure to click on the Excerpt above to get more information on Arcane Synthesis: A Blended-Genre Anthology, and to read an excerpt! There's also a good amount of art in that excerpt, and we'll be putting up a full gallery here soon, so you can view the illustrations, star maps and geographical maps in better detail.

The Shadow Reaper
A starship is caught inside the mysterious GodStorm and is flung over thirty parsecs. In orbit around a ringworld, the crew discover advanced technology on one of the ringworld's moons and soon face a terrifying epidemic. Below, on the ringworld, a town is in the grip of a dragon and a reluctant knight makes the biggest decision of his life.

Sea of Worms
The first book in the Cosmoverse World Tour series of journal-styled books with plenty of art. As the series title would suggest, this is a planet-hopping adventure, one you won't want to miss. Each book will include art and lore from around the Cosmoverse, revealing more about our cool magic and dueling systems and those who master them. The book will provide campaign ideas and art to inspire roleplayers for use in Cosmothea or one's own campaign setting. But this book isn't just for gamers. The story kicks off with an important tale about a young mage who serves a ruthless dueling champion.

Echoes in the Storm
Continues Anton's journey. It all started in Voices, one of eight tales in Arcane Synthesis. We won't spoil things for you if you haven't yet read the first leg of that epic adventure. It's a must-read! Click on the Arcane Synthesis Excerpt, above, to get a taste!

More . . . much more to come!
We have many projects in the pipeline, including more Cosmoverse fiction, setting books, and some cool games. Speaking of games, our first offering will be Freeze Or Burn, currently under heavy development and exceeding all expectations. Freeze or Burn is based on one of our earliest board game designs and is getting a completely ground up revamp.

We haven't forgotten about our Cosmothea Blended-Genre Roleplaying Game, but after much consideration, are taking a turn and will come back to it when the time's right. We're still very excited about Cosmothea. it is the inspiration for our new card-based Epic Destinies Blended-Genre Roleplaying Game, now under development. We're also hard at work on the Cosmoverse Campaign Setting's sister setting: Toonaria Campaign Setting! We have very high standards at QT Games, so we'll take the time to do them right. We couldn't be more excited to bring you these cool projects and more.

The Cosmoverse and Toonaria are both thoroughly blended (multi-genre if you must), and very different. In many areas, you can blend to taste. For more on genres, click below.


Bob made some videos about the Cosmoverse that reveal more about the unusual and rich magic system. (Videos on Youtube)

We'd love feedback! You're welcome to post a comment below or visit our forums via the menu link above. We're just getting warmed up, folks. Thanks for stopping by!

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Arcane Synthesis: A Blended-Genre Anthology
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