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We've been around since 1979, designing card and board games, and developing (and running adventures in) our Cosmothea RPG, so we figured it was about time we shared them with the rest of the world. To that end, we assembled a team of talented designers and artists in order to revamp and release our first RPG offering, Cosmothea.

QT Games is the new kid on the block, but has actually been living in the neighborhood for a very long time, designing board, card and roleplaying games and graphics, writing stories and plays, but only occasionally stepping out of the studio to show off anything. That’s going to be changing, but knowing that the game industry doesn’t favor the little guy, the path ahead is being mapped out carefully. As such, we’re taking our time to “get it right.” We don't want to compromise on quality. Realizing that the success of a product in today’s market requires much more than merely being good or great, but also on marketing, distribution, timing, contacts, etc.

Bob Whitely began designing both the Cosmothea Campaign Setting and a universal roleplaying game simultaneously, so that players could run fantasy, science fiction or superhero Characters as desired. I also began designing board games at that time - back in late 1979 - early 1980.

Bob's taken the Cosmothea rpg through four incarnations while enjoying decades worth of great gaming memories and a wealth of background for the setting itself. Now we are on our 5th Edition of the game and so far are very pleased with the results. We brought in a large team of artists and games designers to bring you a great rpg, then trimmed it down to the small team we have now, for a variety of reasons, the economic situation in America being one of them. But these are still exciting times and the Cosmothea RPG is being rebuilt from the ground up - not ignoring our lengthy past in game design and playing games, nor ignoring the work we've done before, but we feel the direction for our 5th edition is a solid one.

The original vision for the game is largely unchanged, but we've been fine-tuning and expanding both the setting and game mechanics, with the goal being to put the Cosmothea roleplaying game on the market under the banner of QT Games.

We're currently running one Play-by-Post game set in the Cosmothea Campaign Setting, but may add another as we find time and those interested in trying something off the beaten path, so the fun can begin now, and we playtest as we go. So far, it's worked out very well! Cosmothea rpg is still under heavy development, but things are looking good. We're excited for the months to come and in seeing this game mature and blossom into a great game we know others will get a kick out of for many years to come.

As for board games, we've also been hard at work revamping one of our games. Freeze or BurnTM moved into playtesting in November of 2011. As with Cosmothea, we're not rushing it, making sure the game is a solid product you'll be proud to include on your gaming shelf.

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