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In Cosmothea, you can run a superhero of any type in any genre and society the GM approves, with or without capes and costumes. Heroes with power are called augments and while they are most common among humans, they can be found among any of the numerous races. That's because there are so many worlds and cultures and the history of Cosmothea was designed with such versatility in mind, unlike generic RPG's that have to force the genres to blend when they merge settings. Cosmothea is one big setting with a rich, detailed history, intentionally designed to handle a wide variety of options!

Augments use the same character creation rules as all other characters, but include a Power Scale, enabling

them to blend easily into a party of non-augments as a 1st level character with street-level power or to stand their ownagainst the setting's heavies, wielding a vast array of powers and gear, since Cosmothea covers far more than superheroes.

Like the Power Scale, the Gadget System is very easy to use and the rules aren’t as crunchy as games like GURPS and HERO, (nor as watered down as Savage World) and provide everything you need to make a well-rounded superhero with significant depth. This results in less experience required and less work for GM and players, and more time for actual roleplaying. The game includes a large powers list with streamlined mechanics covering just about any sort of superhero you could want to make. There are a number of talents you can use to customize powers, adding nuances and special tricks. Furthermore, you have the ability to tweak powers to suit your theme.

Augments gain a pool of power ranks, which they can assign to powers as desired. Like other characters, Augments gain a number of talents, which they can use to tweak any aspect of their character. Cosmothea is loaded with powers, options and gear, enabling you to enjoy nearly any sort of adventure you can imagine, in a range of genres and blended-genres.

Various groups and galactic cultures have been attempting to make augments in a lab, with mixed results; the process has proven unreliable. Some augments have even been kidnapped and experimented upon, especially by the Hordaq Empire in order to figure out exactly how they can be replicated.

Cosmothea offers not one world to adventure in, but many, and you can even bring augments to worlds that don’t traditional have them. Essentially, you can do just about anything you can imagine in Cosmothea. For example, stepping through a gate, a superhero could travel the dimensions, battling powerful beings and even gods, explore alien worlds, realms immersed in magic, and many, many other sorts of adventures. It’s not that it’s impossible to do this in other games, but Cosmothea makes it easy to do and provides the rules and storyline flexibility for it.

For example:
A young man stumbles upon the smoldering ruins of a wizard’s lab. Investigating, he finds the wizard dead, everything glowing with magic from an experiment gone bad, and a black pool that crawls up his body, completely covering him before he can do anything to stop it. Upon his chest forms the symbol of a spider and he feels power flowing through him.

Upon returning home, he uses his newfound powers to right wrongs and help the helpless as a masked vigilante. That’s just an example of how you can blend the genres and explore various worlds and concepts. And of course the setting and rules support these kinds of adventuring opportunities as well as gamers adding their own worlds into the mix.

Cosmothea covers a lot more ground than traditional superhero RPG’s because we’re offering both a multi-genre and blended-genre experience in a super-sized universe.

The image above, features Cosmos, one of the members of the Defense League. More on Cosmos and other augments, lore and mechanics to come.

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