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One vision. Two universes. Infinite possibilities.
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9/2/2018: Thanks for stopping by. We have shut down our forums. QTGames.com isn’t going away. In fact, we’re cooking up some very cool projects for you. We’re just streamlining in preparation for a relaunch of the website. Please visit us on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Hope to see you soon!

Current Fiction project: Sea Of Worms, a journal-styled book with a cool story, plenty of art and Cosmoverse lore.
Current Game project: Freeze Or Burn Board Game, an epic, volcano adventure in Toonaria. More to come!

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What is Toonaria?
Toonaria is a realm of epic magic, advanced technology, superheroes, skyships, fallen gods, secret agendas, secret societies, adorable, but dangerous monsters, towering kaiju, sky pirates, and much, much more. It is a blended-genre campaign setting and the backdrop for most of our board and card games, our Epic Destinies Roleplaying Game (WIP), and some of our fiction.

Epic Destinies focuses on the little races, and takes you way over the rainbow to explore the fantastic realms of Toonaria. We're currently revamping and expanding the setting. Join our newsletter for updates and more.

What is the Cosmoverse?
The Cosmoverse is a place where one, seemingly insignificant person, can change everything—not merely in one city or on one world, but perhaps even across the dimensions. The Cosmoverse is the backdrop for most of our stories and first roleplaying game: Cosmothea. Cosmothea was the inspiration for Epic Destinies, our new, card-based, epic roleplaying game under construction.

It’s the thirty-first century. The Cosmoverse is dying as a result of the exploitations of imperfect gods, god-like AI, rogue superhero “augments,” and horrors from the far reaches of space. No single event caused this downward spiral, though magical and technological blunders were major factors.

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What is Cosmothea?
Cosmoverse Map
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